Rob Zombie – The Zombie Horror Picture Show


Those of you out there who have seen (even once) Rob Zombie’s live show then you know exactly what to expect from this specific DVD. On the other hand, those unlucky ones (myself included) who didn’t have the chance to witness Zombie on stage now we get the next best thing with this live DVD that captures Rob Zombie and his band live in Dallas during their last year tour. And let me tell you this: it is the best live show that travels around the world nowadays!

It goes without saying that Rob Zombie is the brain child of Alice Cooper and KISS…the most talented artists has never denied it and after all his show is based on these two acts (especially the former). But Zombie moved forward and added vast elements of horror films (mainly from the classic universal films of the 30s and the sci-fi/thrillers of the 50s). So, during the 90-minute set, there is always something happening on stage…robots, skeletons, deranged humanoids etc. And all these, while on the background there are huge screens that project close images of the band (by the way, they kick major ass both stylistically and musically) or excerpts of horror films. In regards with what’s going on below the stage…well, if I had to use one word that would be “mayhem”…come to think about it “absolute mayhem” (these are two words but what the heck…). Constant headbanging, mosh pits and girls flashing their boobs create a most flamboyant picture while the band storms the stage.
As far as the set list goes, it is based mainly on the two Hellbilly Deluxe offerings but also there is a strong presence of a sonic arsenal cued from the last album (Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor), “Sinister Urge” and “Educated Horses”. Of course a Rob Zombie show would not be complete without the necessary White Zombie classics (the ssential hits “More Human Than Human”, “Thunder Kiss 65” and not only).
I just wish that some clever promoter in Greece will bring eventually Rob Zombie in our country so as not to…feel so numb anymore!