On a subject that will obviously go on further Machine Head’s Robb Flynn reacted to the infamous Anselmo Nazi salute and “white power” cry with an 11-minute video that you can watch in its entirety below. Among other things Flynn being present at the Dimebag tribute show says that there was no white wine backstage but “German beer”. He praises the user that decided to upload the entire video online and underline that metal society shouldn’t tolerate such behaviors: “You live in America. Freedom of speech. You’re free to say ‘white power’ and ‘sieg heil’ all you want. But that freedom of speech doesn’t allow you freedom from the criticism of that speech.” Closing Flynn swears not to play Pantera songs ever again: “Goodbye, Phil Anselmo. I’ll never be playing another Pantera song again as long as I live. And to the metal community that backs this bullshit, see you later. Count me out. I want no part of this anymore.”