Robert Fripp: “Bowie told me to think Ritchie Blackmore”


In a recent interview on Uncut magazine, King Crimson guitarist, Robert Fripp, did an unexpected connection of David Bowie with Ritchie Blackmore.

Fripp worked with Bowie on the albums “Heroes” (1977) and “Scary Monsters” (1980). Talking about that era, journalist Michael Bonner asked what was the best advice David Bowie gave the guitarist.

“It was on the ‘Scary Monsters’ session. The sessions began around midnight and I think it was ‘Up the Hill Backwards.’ I said to David, ‘Any suggestions?’ David said, ‘Think Ritchie Blackmore.’ I knew exactly what David meant. So my playing was nothing like Ritchie Blackmore, but I knew what David meant – that was a direct piece of advice.”