Wow! We didn’t see that coming from Robin Beck…that’s for sure! So far, 2011 has given to all the melodic rock fans three brilliant (and actually unexpected) releases. After Outloud’s and Airrace’s sophomore efforts (the latter came after a 25-year hiatus), here comes Robin Beck to prove that she is in a pretty good form that last few years as she delivers their finest piece of work since “Trouble or Nothin’”! Yes, you read correctly! “The Great Escape” has nothing to be jealous of that classic record of 1989 and we cannot accuse Mrs. Christian of…escaping from the top quality level that she has gotten us used to.
Guitarist extraordinare Tommy Denander and James Christian provide the essential compositional backbone and Robin Beck interprets 11 memorable tunes that bear some of the finest choruses thus bringing in mind the golden era of the genre (you know when that was, right?). Beck with her excellent raspy voice steals the show while her duets with Joe Lynn Turner and James Christian is just the icy on a wonderful…sonic cake!
This is the return of a remarkable artist who reminds (not that it was necessary) how a female vocalist should sound like!
Highlight: “The Great Escape” is the title of a classic movie with Steve McQueen that everybody should definitely watch at least once.