Rock’n’Roll Children, Greek Dio tribute band, announced the full list of guests for the 6thy annual Rock In Dio charity concert that takes place on May 14th at Kyttaro Club in Athens. In total there are 58 guests, that feature 24 singers, 15 guitarists, 8 bassists, 7 drummers and 4 keyboardists who are going to get on stage with singer Yiannis Papanikolaou (Diviner), guitarist Manolis Tsigkos (InnerWish), bassist John Luna Tsimas (Dexter Ward), drummer Nikos Anastasiadis and keyboardist George Georgiou (InnerWish). All proceeds from the evening will go to “Children’s Hearts” a foundation in benefit of kids with heart problems and to “Voluntary Ierapetra Club” which is a group of volunteers who help on sports events for people with disabilities.
The Rock In Dio shows is a landmark for the annual Greek concert agenda with a lot of important names of the local scene contributing in paying the ultimate tribute to Ronnie James Dio, as well as help the charity goal of the whole event. So far, there have been 5 “Rock In Dio” concerts that were old sold out.

Here’s the full list of guests:

1.   Ilias Michailakis (Metal Rise / Split-Screen Theater)
2.    Pavlos Rebis (Gyalinos Kosmos)
3.    Vaggelis Papakostas (Solo Artist)
4.    Chrysso Stamatopoulou (Solo Artist)
5.    Vassilis Axiotis (Persona Non Grata / Solo Artist)
6.    George Prokopiou (Poem)
7.    Michalis Stavrakakis (Doomocracy)
8.    Bob Mavridis (Black Hat Bones)
9.    George Giannakopoulos (The Good Fellas Band)
10.    Tasos Lazaris (Re-Maiden)
11.    Babis Kavalieros (Bad Case)
12.    George Manthos (Bandemonic)
13.    Fotis Zelelidis (Solo Artist)
14.    Antreas Denwar (Chthonian Alchemy)
15.    Chris Kappas (Achelous)
16.    Nondas Emanouil(Rusty Bones)
17.    George Theodorou (Mantle Bone)
18.    Stamatis Theologou (Resistance / Steel Scythe)
19.    Nikos Mygas (Marauder)
20.    Alexandros Papandreou (Desert Near The End)
21.    Revveka Georgiadi (Divine Dessection)
22.    Maria Morris (Solo Artist)
23.    Kostantinos Maris (Forbidden Seed)
24.    Katerina Vaitsi (Solo Artist)
1. Thanasis Lambrakis (Lightfold)
2. Tasos Pananoudakis (Wardance)
3. Kostas Krikos (Silent Rage)
4. Giorgos Kalavrezos (SixforNine)
5. Ethan Chionos (Danger Angel)
6. Vassilis Panagopoulos (Soundtruck)
7. Filaretos Amarantisdis (Keepers of Jericho, Feelharmonix, NoColorRainbow)
8. Lefteris Kontos (Erase)
9. Yiannis Papadontonakis (Βacktrackin’, Sweet Emotion)
10. Panagiotis Barkas (Χάος Εγένετο)
11. Nikos Protonotarios (MidWinterFlame)
12. Thanasis Chatziagapis (Sorrowful Winds, Maidenance)
13. Antonis Tzavaras (Ledition Divine, Solo Artist)
14. Spiros Foussekis (Flying Mercury)
15. Stylianos Amoiridis (Enemy of reality)
1. Makis Pagoulatos (Εx – Wisdom)
2. Anthony FXF (Elysion, White Circle, S:Tepp)
3. Vaggelis Yialamas (Fragile Vastness)
4. Andreas Lagios (Nightstalker)
5. Jim Ramses (Keepers Of Jericho – Helloween Tribute band)
6. Stavros Aivaliotis (Battleroar)
7. Elias Bouzeas (Foray Between Ocean, ex – Sorrowful Angels)
8. Thodoris Paralis (Marauder)
1. Dimitris Kalantzis (Tsopana Rave, Transistor)
2. Giorgos Triantafyllou (Lava, The Ultimate Sin)
3. Panagiotis Sotiropoulos (Power Crue)
4. Antonis Venieris (Danger Angel)
5. Christos Tatsidis (Mistful, Basstards The Band)
6. Petros Papapetros (Flying Mercury)
7. Giorgos Papazoglou (Kingdragon, BaDd Kharma, Saints&Sinners)
1. Giorgos Psaras (Εx – Wisdom)
2. Vassilis Drakontaidis (Karma – Crush)
3. Makis Tselentis (2002GR, Saints&sinners)
4. Mary Tassouli (Dark Nova – Iron Ensemble)