Rock Wolves – Rock Wolves


Reading the press release for this super group consisting of Herman Rarebel (ex scorpions), Michael Voss (mad max) and the bass player Gudze (ex H-Blockx), I had great expectations for this album by these artists. Voss and Rarebel were band mates in the group of Michael Schenker, Temple of Rock, and they decided to join forces. They play what you’d expect from them, hard rock and AOR for “chill-out” moments of relaxation. The album begins with the single “Rock The Nations”  which in my opinion is the equavalent of  a soap opera in song terms. My first thought was that I’d be bored listening to the album, but fortunately the situation improved with the next tracks that resemble very much Mad Max of their last albums. Easy to swallow German AOR that comes with a good and “polished” production and very light songs. The songs lack inspiration and originality and they’re  nothing special. Highlights of the album are the tracks Out Of Time”, “I Need Your Love” and “Surrounded By Fools” while the hidden track, “Lay With Me”, comes as a pleasant surprise. Overall conclusion: the wolves look a bit old, uninspired and they surely won’t bite too much.