When you call yourself “Rocka Rollas” there is a specific reference there, right? Sure, the band relation to Priest is limited to their similarity is limited to their common metal background. From then on, they are closer to European power metal, than the sound of the metal fathers.

However, Rocka Rollas steer away from the clichés –not all of them- of the genre that sometimes make it uninspired, and boring and bring something exciting. Their weapon is their great vocalist, Marcus and their reference to metal bands we love. Something very interesting for the Greek readers is that the band comes from the famous, after this review, “Gavle” (very similar to the Greek word for “hard on”), capital of Gavleborg, Sweden.

The riffs, the melodies, the ideas, the way Marcus sings show a band dedicated to what they do and an undisputed love to heavy metal and its traditions. Their songs’ themes are classic metal stuff with wars, fire, blood, destruction and of course tons of steel.

It won’t change your life, but it might improve your mood reminding you favorite stuff from the past.