29 solo albums! More than 100 million sales worldwide! A mega successful career with The Faces and the Jeff Beck Group. And if numbers don’t always reflect quality, trust me in Rod Stewart’s case they depict nothing but the sheer truth. “Another Country” is Rod’s brand new studio album and it’s remarkable the fact alone that this 71-year rocker keeps on writing music; drawing inspiration by the everyday life experiences. Rest assured that if Rod would have wanted he could have easily retired as he is a wealthy musician who doesn’t need to work anymore for a living. So, he does it for the sheer excitement and pleasure and that’s exactly why this new album is one of the best albums of 2015.

But, what drove Rod back into the studio. I’d say that the fact that his previous record (“Time”) was well received combined with the cathartic element of his recent autobiography surely played a significant role. Compared to its predecessor, “Another Country” is a much rockier affair, more guitar-driven if you’d like and all the songs set out an organic aura; a feeling that was evident during all those analog releases of the 70s and 80s. There are lots of songs that could have easily fit on other Rod’s albums especially of the 1978-1983 era.

For instance, “Please” sounds like an outtake of “Blondes Have More Fun”, the first single “Love Is” reminds of “Foolish Behaviour” while the uplifting “Walking In The Sunshine” has some “Body Wishes” traces in there. It goes almost without saying that all the fans should rightfully expect all the trademark ballads along with those ever present Celtic elements that are so beloved to Rod himself.

All I am trying to say is when we get the chance to be treated with such exceptional albums in 2015, the purchase is not only a pleasure but quite honestly obligatory! Otherwise, we miss a piece of music history…

Highlight: “I carry on writing music for those friends of mine who still buy my records”, Rod said to a reporter. We couldn’t be happier…thank you, Rod!