Ronnie’s autobiography on the way


According to Wendy Dio, wife and manager of the legendary Ronnie, the singer;s autobiography will be probably released in July.

“I have the book, Ronnie’s autobiography, finally finished with [rock journalist] Mick Wall, and I think it’s coming out on Ronnie’s birthday July 10th. Ronnie had written half of it, and Mick Wall and I got together and found lots of interviews, so I wanted it to still be in Ronnie’s voice. I’m very pleased with that.”

She also talked about Dio’s upcoming career-spanning documentary, the first to be fully authorized by the artist’s estate: “It’s probably coming out next year. We’ve been working on that, and then it had to stop for a little bit because of them having to go to Europe to interview more people, and because of the travel bans due to pandemic, they haven’t been able to do that. Hopefully it will come out in 2022.”

The documentary will cover “everything” from his childhood and early days with ELF to his final project, Heaven & Hell.