Room Of Doom II @ Temple


Clouds covered Athens as we’re getting ready for THE ROOM OF DOOM FESTIVAL volume II and like last year it brought together the greek doom/death metal scene along with some European touch. Great organization by the dark/doom/avant-garde Room302 Radioshow and great music through out the night, so, there was no surprise that everyone got out with a smile at the end.


«Prayers… / Will you follow?»

Right at 19.00 the stage was ready for SELEFICE. After a 25 years long pause the historic greek band has returned for good (5 gigs in 18 months already) and although this time their set was short they managed to make good use of their thirty minutes with their melodic death metal. They played songs from their classic album “Where Is The Heaven” and from their recent EP “I Met A God” but also an unreleased track from their upcoming album.

 «Fading darkness / Above my head»

After a short break the Belgian band SOUL DISSOLUTION came on stage.  Jabawock’s band (from Marche Funèbre) is more into atmospheric post-black metal and they managed to get their studio feeling live keeping the difficult balance between melody and brutality for 40 minutes and Acharan seemed to feel every word on vocals. They played three songs from “Stardust” (circle of torment, stardust, the last farewell) but what I really loved was the last song at the end of their set, the beautiful “Fading Darkenss” from “Nowhere”.

«the light is so bright it takes our breath away»

Next band was INNER MISSING, by far the less heavy band of the billing. The duo from Russia was a more into doom/death metal the first years but then they followed a more gothic rock direction. I must admit that at first I couldn’t connect with their live performance due to the numerous pre-recording parts of their show (keyboards and drums) which didn’t allow us to fully enjoy their great music but nonetheless Sigmund (vocals/guitar) and Melaer (bass) were both wonderful and the videos/visuals (as backdrop on the wall) made their 45 minute long performance more enjoyable. “The Castle” and “The Sentinel” were my favorite songs.

«Crave on your knees / tomorrow you’ll be dust»

During the small break we checked the merch of the bands and back to the front again because SHATTERED HOPE was on stage. They are one my favorite doom/death greek bands but it’s been almost ten years since the last time I saw them live (as an opening act for My Dying Bride in 2010). The Athenians didn’t disappoint and for one hour the conquered the stage (vocals could be higher in the mix but ok no big deal). Their funeral doom metal is a joy (yes, a paradox considering how happy the doomsters are with miserable music, haha!) and now we wait for the upcoming album…

«My soul shattered again / One more time…I’ll walk this road alone»

At 23.00 it was the time to see CLOUDS for the first time live in Greece. I’m not sure if we were already in the proper mood or because we were excited for this first appearance in Athens but this was a concert to remember. Their atmospheric doom/death isn’t really a term that can describe fully the sentimental tension of the moment that peaked during Daniel’s farewell to his father that recently passed away by cancer. His words just before “Death Of A Father” brought tears to many fans but hopefully the loud clapping was redemptive (along with the low lights that covered many tearful faces) no matter if it was for “Dor”,  “When I’m Gone” (with the help of Gogo Melone on vocals) or “Even If I Fall”…

video CLOUDS:


® live report/photographs: Konstantinos Mindcrimek Vlachos