Rotting Christ announced the release of a double live album titled “Lucifer Over Athens”

which was recorded in the Greek capital in 2013. “After having been active for 27 years in the metal scene and after playing more than over 1,200 shows in every corner of this planet, we have finally decided to release our first official live album ever!” says the band’s frontman, Sakis Tolis. “We have worked hard to make this record as rich as possible by including many fan favorites while paying tribute to all phases of this band at the same time. We will take you back to our demo days and bring you right up to our contemporary creations. This is a live record with a soul. We invite you to a journey into the majestic world of Rotting Christ!”, he added.
“Lucifer Over Athens” is out on August 21st through Season Of Mist. The tracklist follows:

CD 1
01. 6 6 6
02. Dub-Sag-Ta-Ke
03. Athanatoi Este
04. Kata Ton Demona Eaftou
05. Nemecic
06. After Dark I Feel
07. Sorrowfull Farewell
08. Among Two Storms
09. Gloria De Domino Inferni
10. Feast Of The Grand Whore
11. The Nereid Of Esgalduin
12. Forest Of N’Gai
13. The Sign Of Evil Existence
14. Transform All Sufferings Into Plagues
15. Fgmenth, Thy Gift
16. Societas Satanas
CD 2
01. Demonon Vrosis
02. Quintessence
03. The Call Of The Aethyrs
04. In Yumen – Xibalba
05. Grandis Spiritus Diavolos
06. Welcome To Hel
07. King Of A Stellar War
08. Archon
09. Exiled Archangels
10. Dive The Deepest Abyss
11. The Fourth Knight Of Revelation
12. The Sign Of Prime Creation
13. Non Serviam
14. Enuma Elish
15. Noctis Era