Rotting Christ – Lucifer Over Athens


Those two Rotting Christ shows in Athens back in December of 2013 were so impressive and emotionally powerful that it would be a shame not to have a tangible reminder. After all, not that many bands have a double live album with over thirty songs among their releases.

‘Lucifer Over Athens’ is fullfiling and could serve as a best of album, in order to remember or discover the band’s discography. The setlist covers everything from 1989 demo ‘Satanas Tedeum’ to the present day. We have the chance to hear songs from the early years, such as ‘Forest of N’Gai’, with great, modern production, tracks from ‘Khronos’ and ‘Genesis’ that are not played often, and of course the best moments from the ‘rebirth’ of ‘Sanctus Diavolos’ and further on.

While waiting for the new Rotting Christ album… enjoy ‘Lucifer Over Athens’.