Royal Republic – Club Majesty


It’s around 2:30 in the afternoon. I check the time schedule of the bands that are playing or they are about to play on one of the Sweden Rock Festival stages. I don’t see anything eye-catching so what a better chance for me to recharge batteries by checking out some CDs and merchandise. Upon passing by the so called “Sweden Stage” I see 4 guys with classy red suits, perfect hairstyle, background with neon lights and a disco ball and thousands of Swedish fans going crazy as those lads hit the stage. “Who the hell are those guys?”, I wonder! I read the band logo: Royal Republic and before I know it I start moving, dancing and singing along to their songs. That was my first encounter with the Swedish band.

Two months later the purchase of their latest album “Club Majesty” is really a no-brainer choice for me. This is the absolute glorification of disco rock music with tracks that are glued permanently in your brain even by the first listening session! Funk, disco, 70s/80s pop and all these through the unique prism of Royal Republic’s frenzy style! The lyrics are amazing, the production crystal clear and the band’s performance simply out of this world. If you ask me to point down a single point of characterization of Royal Republic, it’s really impossible. Just imagine the madness of…The Madness, the lyrical self-sarcasm of Good Rats and Bruno Mars on steroids as the funky bass is all over the place!

Now if we want to pinpoint one rock line…well, I’d say that Glenn Hughes would be really proud of these boys! Go check them out yourself…this is undoubtedly one of the best records of 2018.  

Highlight: Needless to say that their live shows are nothing less than a crazy party!!!