Radio producer Eddie McGuire said today (January 20th) during the Hot Breakfast show on radio station Triple M Melbourne 105.1 that the legendary band will release an album immediately while touring Australia in October. there will be a new album released by AC/DC February/March this year, but also that AC/DC will be touring Australia October/November 2020. And after a lot of work and a lot of technical research, they have been able to get a hearing aid for Brian Johnson, who will be out front. And even Phil Rudd might be back in the group either playing percussion or drums with Angus so that they’ve got three of — well, not the originals, but three of the old-timers, if you like, back there. They’ve had a few changes over the journey, but Angus out front, Brian Johnson lead singing, and maybe Phil Rudd, after his issues that he’s had in recent times.”Of course, until there is an official announcement from the band about all of the above there will be rumors …

You can hear the excerpt below