Running Wild – Crossing The Blades


Three years after the remarkable “Rapid Foray” album, Running Wild is back with a new EP in order to keep their fans happy and…hungry for the upcoming full length album that is scheduled for the summer of 2020. In the hold of the German pirate ship we have 3 brand new songs and one cover version of a classic KISS song. Let’s see what Rock N’ Rolf and his crew had in store for us…

The opening title track is a classic Running Wild composition that brings back memories of all their timeless records. Fast, anthemic and with a catchy riff Running Wild sets the pace right from the start and if the production would be one step up then this could really be an absolutely flawless and glorious Running Wild piece of work! Up next is yet another Running Wild classic called “Stargazed” with a familiar guitar hook and a trademark Rock N’ Rolf chorus. The cover version might come from a good place as KISS was one big influence for Rock N’ Rolf when he first started but it doesn’t catch the spirit of the original song. Last but certainly not least is yet another remarkable tune called “Ride On The Wild Side” which is more in the vein of the latter ear Running Wild.

All in all, if the upcoming Running Wild record is in the vein of “Crossing The Blades” and “Stargazed” then be prepared for one hell of a ride…this will definitely be a Running Wild record to remember for the years to come. Fingers crossed and impatiently waiting for the next Running Wild strike!

Highlight: “Stargazed” was officially presented on the Wacken stage in the summer of 2018.