Rusty Bonez – Wrath


The popularity of stoner rock in our country, can only be compared with the explosion of black metal in the northern countries in the early 90’s. The quality of the bands and the powerful live performances keep the increasing audience to a constant alertness. A similar introduction was written on this site for the awesome “Repeated exposure to …” of 1000mods. This is not by accident…

“Wrath”, the first full length of the Athenians Rusty Bonez, represents this quality and is among the best releases of the genre for 2017.

What are the expectations from an album of the broader heavy rock scene? Powerful production, striking riffs, memorable songs / choruses and the urge to watch the band live. Rusty Bonez fulfills them all. Their loves cannot be hidden: Zakk Wylde, Corrosion of Conformity, Kyuss, Alice in chains, Motorhead.

From the instrumental “Ball ‘n’ Chain,” which strongly brings to mind the sound of 1000mods, up to “Grub”, the album sounds very enjoyable without being boring at any time. Bass that shoots (and kills) and special heavy metallic solos, during the stoner (and southern oftentimes) main body of their music are their stronger points.

Top of the list is “Wrath” (dynamite track), the incredible “Scream of Souls” (with its doomy blues riff cutting you in two), “Nameless hero”(their most alternative side) and” Stoned Skin” (my god that bass!) with the great escalation.

Check them out!