PRESS RELEASE: Two legendary US Metal acts, HEXX and RUTHLESS, joined forces for the “TYRANTS OF STEEL” 7″ vinyl single, which will be released this summer on High Roller Records. The single, which is the first one in the series of the 7″ vinyl splits featuring Classic US Metal acts, has been produced by Bart Gabriel (SATAN’S HOST, CRYSTAL VIPER, SACRED STEEL), and will include brand RUTHLESS track titled “Thirteen Skulls”, and new exclusive version of the HEXX track titled “Burn Or Boil”.
“This version of “Burn Or Boil” features our amazing new vocalist Eddy Vega, and the world famous Bob Wright from BROCAS HELM on guitar! This track represents the style and sound you can expect from the new upcoming full length HEXX album!” says guitarist and founding HEXX member Dan Watson. The RUTHLESS track had its live premiere at the Up The Hammers Festival in Greece: “This song, “Thirteen Skulls” is taken from the myth about an alien race coming here and leaving these thriteen crystal skulls, with mysterious powers when they are all together, but many people believe this not to be a myth, but reality” explains RUTHLESS vocalist Sammy De John.
“I always loved all kind of single, split or mini LP releases, and I’m crazy when it comes to all those weird releases from Iron Works and Azra. They had this killer compilation titled “Iron Tyrants”, and this is where the name “Tyrants Of Steel” comes from, it’s like a tribute. I’m honored that my friends from RUTHLESS and HEXX joined me on this project, and I can reveal that I already work on TYRANTS OF STEEL II and III, which will also include two exclusive tracks from other US cult acts each. Special shout out to Roberto Toderico, who perfectly visualized my idea, and painted this great artwork inspired by the old Conan The Barbarian comic books!” adds Bart Gabriel.