Ryan Roxie – playing in a small club can also be incredibly exhilarating


Just a few days before his show with Greek Alice Cooper tribute band Snakebite, Ryan Roxie is warming up talking about Cooper’s band, the upcoming gig in Athens, the difference between playing in stadiums and clubs and of course the great show we saw last summer at the Olympic Stadium. More Roxie on Saturday February 18th at Temple. Interview: Yiannis Dolas

Rockpages.gr:  What’s like playing in the Alice Cooper band all those years?

Ryan Roxie: Playing in the Alice Cooper band is an incredible experience. The energy, the excitement and the passion that the fans bring to each show (especially Greek fans) is truly amazing. The Alice Cooper show is always a theatrical experience, and the band is always pushing the boundaries of what was possible in rock music.

Rockpages.gr:  You’ve played with Snakebite before, what is like coming back for another show?

Ryan Roxie: Coming back to play with Snakebite is always a treat. The band has a great chemistry and we always have a blast playing together. It’s a bit like coming back to play with old friends. 

Rockpages.gr:  Obviously, you are used to play in big shows, huge arenas with a dedicated production, big stage etc. What’s the challenge when you are playing in a small club?

Ryan Roxie: Playing in a small club can be an challenge because there is a different kind of energy and intimacy in the room. But at the same time, it can also be incredibly exhilarating. You have to be more interactive with the audience, and the room feels more alive.

Rockpages.gr:  How was Alice Cooper last show in Athens in the summer at Olympic Stadium?

Ryan Roxie: The Alice Cooper show in Athens was the definition of a Big Rock Show!!!! The Olympic Stadium is a huge venue, and the energy of the crowd was incredible. It was a great night of rock n’ roll for both us and the Scorpions… hopefully we get to tour more with them in the future.

Rockpages.gr:  Are there any Alice Cooper songs you want to play that are not played by Alice Cooper?

Ryan Roxie: There are a few Alice Cooper songs that I’d love to play, but I’ll leave it up to the fans to decide which ones they’d like to hear. Perhaps ‘Snakebite’ would be a good one, or maybe something off of ‘Zipper Catches Skin’ ?!?

Rockpages.gr:  You’ve done several tributes in the past for older bands and artists. If you were to start a tribute act now, which band, or artist, was going to be for?

Ryan Roxie: Perhaps something a bit less ‘classic’…like maybe Oasis or Happy Mondays or perhaps a tribute to all the great Brit-pop bands of the early 90’s that definitely left a mark on me. 

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