S.O.D. members reunite from home


While on quarantine Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Charlie Benante have found the opportunity to reunite with their former teammate Dan Lilker in a new performance of the instrumental “March Of The S.O.D.” recorded by each of his home.

The story goes that Scott Ian after “Spreading The Disease” (1985) by Anthrax sketched a figure who became known as “Sargent D.” He was accompanied by various slogans, such as “Speak English Or Die”, “I’m not racist; I hate everyone “, while he also wrote lyrics. He then decided to set up a hardcore band inspired by Sargent D, with Charlie Benante, former Anthrax Dan Lilker (founding member, played guitar and bass in “Fistful Of Metal”, and later playing bass in Nuclear Assault) and Billy Milano, who was a roadie for Anthrax and sang and played bass for the Psychos.