SadDolls – Grave Party


I can only describe the release of “Grave Party” as good news. SadDolls have been changed both in music and in the way they act as a band. This album comes at the most appropriate time, where the band seemed stagnant and monotonous, as its profile was almost a clone of Him.

Thus, all these belong to the past as the new album of the band has an electro gothic and very clear sound, including thirteen tracks of basically an up tempo. However, there are also some other musical idioms, most of them are quite hidden … like the stoner guitars in the “Angels Making Love (In The Dark)”.
In terms of composition, I have to admit that SadDolls are excellent. Most of the tracks are excellent, just as the videos of “Lady Cry” and “Terminate Me”. Skinny Disco of Deathstars, grace with his presence the second one, in both vocals and the video clip. It’s a significant participation, however I don’t think that musically the band needed it. On the other hand, I regard the one of Joanna David in “The Last Valentine”, as much more essential.
“Grave Party” closes with an interesting cover of “Thirteen”, the 1994 hit of Johnny Cash written by Glenn Danzig.
This is by far the best release of the band from Athens so far, which moves up to a higher level and the fans of this kind of music would be good to support it.