Saliva – Love, Lies & Therapy


Saliva was, is and always be my favorite American band from the so called nu metal genre as in the last 15 or so years they have released 9 spectacular albums that have left a permanent stamp on the modern rock sound. Yes, it is true that since 2007 they have minimized the familiar rap metal that made them popular on the other side of the Atlantic but I must say that the melodic approach suits them really well. I must be honest with you; I was reserved and really disappointed when singer Josey Scott left the band as he was a fantastic singer and composer. Nevertheless, his replacement, Bobby Amaru, has done a splendid job on “Rise Up” (2014) and now he carries the torch with the follow up (and even better) “Love, Lies & Therapy”.

A big credit should be given to the original members Wayne Swinny and Paul Crosby as they managed to keep Saliva afloat and when the going went tough they still got going! Quite possibly, “Love, Lies & Therapy” is Saliva’s finest effort since “Blood Stained Love Story” as iy includes all the great Saliva sonic elements: melodic moments suitable for the US FM radio, trademark ballads and nostalgic rap metal. The absolute highlight is the incredible “Go Big Or Go Home” which sounds like the bastard offspring of “Click Click Boom” and “Superstar II” while the unexpected rendition of Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us” has been totally…Saliva-tized!

I didn’t expect –not in a million years- to say that but it seems that Bobby Amaru is the perfect fir for Saliva; an outfit that leaves the heavy Josey Scott chapter behind once and for all.

Highlight: Personally, I would have loved to listen from Saliva more songs in the vein of “Go Big Or Go Home”…after all, this is THEIR sound!