Satan – Atom By Atom


In 2013 we witnessed the return of a legendary band. Satan entered the studio after 26 years of silence and emerged with Life Sentence. An album that presented a vivid band, vigorous and dashing, not a bunch of veterans and immediately caused a sensation. The Satan name started circulating once again and even outside the narrow underground circles and the band didn’t lose momentum and reentered the studio 2 years later to record a successor to what was widely considered as an exceptional album. And emerges with a 2 out of 2! What are the odds a quintet of musicians that was at its heyday in 1983 do the same 32 years later? A rare thing indeed and this gives an even greater value to the Satan feat. Excitement scores limit-up while listening to Brian Ross’ ageless voice, an iconic pitch that even 20 years from now will sound exactly the same causing the exact same feelings. And this voice is incorporated in songs that manage to sound relevant and fresh but without compromising the Satan legacy. Similarities with Life Sentence are more than obvious. As obvious are some bone chilling similarities with the Court in the Act era both sound and composition wise. The guitar chemistry between Tippins and Ramsey produces tons of exceptional riffs. Putting Skyclad in the ice helped English and Ramsey channel their creativity towards Satan and this train is now running at full speed.