24 years since they were founded and 21 since their first full-length album, Satyricon finally decided to release their fist live cd/dvd. Some might say it was about time and I won’t disagree. They must have thought that this release had to be something special. So they did. This show was recorded on 8th of September 2013 at Den Norske Opera & Ballet in Oslo where they were joined by the 55-strong Norwegian National Opera Chorus as part of the Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival.

The show I must say is impressive. Satyricon may no longer have a lot of traditional black metal fans, due to their dramatic change in their music style, but this show is too damn good. The chorus of course is something amazing. it combines perfectly with their music, it is placed strategically in the necessary parts and it creates many times a chaotic atmosphere. Of course its only chorus. Satyricon and only them play the music. The setlist consists of only 13 songs (plus one intro) with total running time about an hour and a half. We find most of the songs in “Now, Diabolical” of 2006 and “Satyricon” of 2013. Highlight of the show, the guest appearance of Sivert Hoyem (ex-Madrugada) who sings “Phonix” as he did also in their latest album in which his performance is excellent. Satyricon’s performance is also excellent, especially in the classics who close the show “Mother North” and “K.I.N.G.”.

Excellent sound, excellent picture and direction. The package includes 2 cd’s with the songs of the dvd. Unfortunately, no bonus audio or video parts whatsoever. In general, a very nice release from Satyricon with a very good show which I personally will watch over and over again.