Satyricon are going to record their next album in a barn, according to Sigurd “Satyr” Wongraven’s interview on Metal Hammer UK. The band’s frontman talks about the positive impact of the barn to the band’s work: “We’ve been jamming in a barn for a long time. Every time we go there, the atmosphere is really nice – we really enjoy being there”. The follow-up to the 2013’s self-titled predecessor should be expected next year. As for the album’s style the frontman reveals that after he was hospitalized when he was diagnosed with brain tumor he’s been drawn away from the “violent, aggressive” mood of their previous work. “A lot of what we did in the beginning is relentless, violent and aggressive. It’s not like it’s sobbing or really sad now, but it’s more percussive, varied and soulful. There’s less emphasis on the aggressive violent part of it”, Wongraven says.