Saxon released a new video for the song “Secret Of Flight” from their latest album “Thunderbolt”. Talking about the song Biff commented:
“Being in a touring band, we fly a lot. So I was sat on a plane one day, thinking that — in the big scheme of things — we didn’t discover how to fly until quite recently in man’s history, in 1903. That’s only 115 years ago.
“I thought it would make a good subject, so there you go…. the secret of flight!
“The track has already proven to be a live monster song so as we are half way through the year’s tour schedule,” adds Biff. “It’s apt that we release it now. With that in mind, we would also like to share the following up-to-date stats with you all.”
Miles travelled: 37,000 miles
People played to: 200,000
Bottles of Wine: 184
Bottles of Beer: 2228
Bottles of water: 4350
Cocktails: 560
Tea bags: 14
Pizzas: 19
Curries: 12
Burgers: 150
Steaks: 86
Breakfasts: 49
Guitar strings: 300
Drum sticks: 150
Bass strings: 140
Guitar picks: 1000
Hours asleep: Minimal!