According to a recent interview on The Metal Voice, Biff Byford revealed that the next album by Saxon will contain covers, not original material, and it’s going to be titled “Inspirations”

“So, yeah, we’re gonna call it ‘Inspirations’, and it’s a collection of songs that inspired us and influenced us to go down the rock and roll highway, looking for fame and fortune. So, yeah, there’s some big songs on there, there’s some surprises, some really difficult songs to play and to sing. But we like doing it.”

Biff continued: “I just finished the last vocal tonight. We did it the old way — old Marshall amps, old Marshall amps, real drums in a huge hallway in a big stately home that we used near York. So there’s gonna be a video about that soon. Hopefully you’re gonna be able to pre-order the album before release. And we’re gonna drop a single soon, so keep your eyes open on social media for that.”

This past June, Byford told Metal Rules that SAXON had “11 songs that are done and ready to go” for the follow-up to 2018’s “Thunderbolt” album. He said: “It’s coming along nicely. There is no pressure at the moment, to be honest, as I work better under pressure. We are recording our bits and pieces. I did most of the writing, and I’m just waiting for the lockdown to be over so we can go to the studio and finish it off.”