Saxon’s new album is heavy and british


In a recent interview on the Metal Voice, Saxon’s frontman, Biff Byford talked about the band’s new album. “It’s heavy. I would say the direction is the same as ‘Thunderbolt’ and ‘Battering Ram’, ‘Sacrifice’ [2013]. It’s heavy and it’s quite British; we like to retain that. Me and Nibbs wrote most of the songs again. Now we’re all on hold. I’m still open to writing more songs. I think the boys are working on songs, so if they come up with anything really strong, then we might re-record some of the stuff and put some newer stuff back in again that they’ve written. There’s some great guitar playing on it from the boys. And Nigel’s drumming is up there with much younger drummers, if you know what I mean — he’s pushing himself very hard with it… Andy Sneap is producing it. So we’ll see how it goes.”