Scarlet Aura – Hot’n’Heavy


Scarlet Aura is a relatively new band from Romania. They started back in 2013 yet they have already unde their belts four studio albums, a live one and in the last three or so years they are constantly on tour with such names as Tarja, Angra, Rhapsody.

Judging by their brand new effort “Hot n’ Heavy”, I’d say that there is a very good chance of those guys making it in the music business. Their music is heavily based on Battle Beast and Doro with clear references on the 80s hard rock genre. Aura Danciulescu’ raspy voice and the magnificent guitars by Mihai ThorDanciulescu are the standout elements of Scarlet Aura’s sound thus making the whole listening experience purely enjoyable. Tracks like  “Hail To You”, “Fallin’ To Pieces”, “Glimpse In The Mirror” and “Light Be My Guide” are powerful and memorable; definitely something to be reckoned with in this time and age.

Out of the 12 tracks of “Hot n’ Heavy”, we could do without the song “Let’s Go Fucking Wild” which could have easily played the role of a bonus track or something as it is too rock n roll-ish for the overall style of the album. Nevertheless, it can also provide an ideal closing song for the band’s live sets.

The album will be accompanied by an impressive book for which we don’t have at the moment more details. All in all, “Hot n’ Heavy” is a good choice for all the fans of the aforementioned bands. It has some minor flaws but I truly believe that Scarlet Aura will eventually progress even further.