I have the feeling that there is no family…no home without a little something of Scorpions. At least a c.d collection bought from a street vendor in c.d. –r with a photocopied cover. A lot of people, not versed in musical issues, when hearing about the release of the only probably favorite Germans in Greece, would ask the typical question: “do they still exist?”   Besides the fact that they come to our country every now and then.


The legends of hard rock with the wonderful ballads (this is what they are famous for, unfortunately) are unstoppable! “Return To Forever” is coming out in the beginning of 2015 to verify it. The truth is that this record has a singularity which I believe offers the listener one more motive to deal with it.


A big part of “Return To Forever” was written in the 70’s and 80’s something quite discernable when hearing it. They are pieces cut from the big albums the band released back then probably due to lack of space. Some of these pieces are really explosive, the best of which are “We build This House” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll Band”. We took a taste of the second one on “MTV unplugged in Athens” with a different orchestration which, however, prejudged what was going to follow. Under these circumstances we may point out that in this album there are elements from Scorpions’ long career, something that will, in my opinion, be beneficial for the purchasers of the band’s record. The three ballads are not missing (this has become a protocol) along with all the things that made this band so popular all over the world. All in all “Return To Forever” is a very good record…the last one according to Meine and Schenker but personally speaking I wouldn’t mind if their words are inaccurate.. I would strongly recommend buying this album, the special edition which includes seven more pieces as good as the ones of the basic edition.