Scorpions tease new video “Rock Believer”


Scorpions released a sort clip as a teaser for their upcoming video, “Rock Believer”, which is the title track for their new album going out on February 25th.

The full video is expected on January 18th.

In a recent interview with Radio Futuro in Chile, Klaus Meine said: “Well, you can expect an album that is dedicated to all the rock believers in the world. And we’re very excited after all these years. We thought, when you think about all the touring we did the last 10 years, after the release of ‘Return To Forever’ in 2015, the time was right to go back into the studio, to write new material, to write new songs and check out if the creativity is still working. The big aim was, the goal was to make a rock album — to make an album with lots of attitude, power and focus on the good old times and really enjoy the music and have some fun with the music. And that feels really good.”