On a recent interview Rudolf Schenker said that it’s uncertain whether the band will release a new album or not. “I am in the studio, trying to find new ideas and get them together,” Rudolf said in a new interview (hear audio below). “But we don’t know yet whether we’re doing an album or not. It’s a question of inspiration. When the inspiration is coming well, then we go. It’s up to the inspiration. We want to be inspired.” He clarified: “We are not doing an album at the moment. We are looking where we have inspiration and whether we are ready for an album. It has to be inspired, the album… We wait for the right moment. Now we have Mikkey Dee on drums, which is a new kind of element, a new chemistry, which gives us a lot of possibilities of creating something special. But you have to feel… It’s like cooking a soup. You cannot eat a soup now directly — no. You have to wait until the taste is good, until the spice is good and until the temperature is good. And when the soup is too hot, it’s even sometimes very good, because then you have to eat it slowly. This is the way how to create music — not going and playing something. You have to get goosebumps to your own music.”

You can listen to the entire interview here: