Yes…we lived to witness a box set dedicated exclusively to one song! Nevertheless, this song is not just another song per se. This is a magnificent piece of music that transcended the strict boundaries of music and passed to a wider political/social culture on a global level. Such was the impact of “Wind of Change” when it was first released 30 years ago. It might not be amongst the favorite songs of the die hard rockers but it goes almost without saying that it’s a strong attraction pole for the non-rockers out there who stormed to see the German outfit in full live action. Personally, I couldn’t resist buying his box set as it is more than a piece of history. It’s a time capsule that takes you back in time and place…most specifically to East Berlin in 1989.

Those who will invest on this box set are bound to receive a deluxe box set that includes a maxi single (with various versions of the song), a CD single with the same content, the music sheet with the notes and lyrics of the song and most importantly a hardcover book that will blow you away with those wonderful unreleased photos. Of notice is the fact that there are two versions of the box set: a white, numbered one that was sold exclusively via the band’s webstore and includes a small piece of rock of the Berlin wall; and a black one that is sold from all the retailers.

This is a collector’s item aimed towards the die-hard fans of the band…especially for the excellent book.