Scott Gorham focuses on Thin Lizzy


Black Star Riders announced that Scott Gorham is stepping down, they have a new drummer and that they inked a deal with Earache Records.

“We are very sorry to see Scott go but we discussed a very heavy world touring commitment on the new record and Scott decided he wanted to concentrate just on Thin Lizzy — and being the legend he is, none of us can blame him. We all wish him the best and he will be looking to put Thin Lizzy back out on the road from 2022 onwards with a busy schedule, so he won’t be missing me too much!”, says Ricky Warwick.

The band is not seeking a replacement from Scott, as Warwick will handle the guitar alongside Christian Martucci, who joined them in 2018.

The band also welcomes new drummer, Zak St. John.

Finally, after 8 years and 4 albums with Nuclear Blast, Black Star Riders signed to Earache Records. They are entering the studio mid-October with producer Jay Ruston to record their new album, which is expected in early 2023.