Second stop for the “Legacy Of The Beast” tour at the Hartwell Arena in Helsinki, Finland last night (Monday May 28th). Maiden kick off with “Aces High” while a Spitfire is hanging over their heads in the set. Like the tour’s premiere in Talin, Esthonia a few days ago the set features “The Clansman” from “Virtual XI” (first time since 2003), “For The Greater Good Of God” from “A Matter Of Life And Death” (first time since 2007), “The Wicker Man” from “Brave New World” (first time since 2011), “Sign Of The Cross” from “X Factor” (first time since 2001) and “Flight Of Icarus” from “Piece Of Mind” (first time since… 1986!!!). Here’s the full setlist while the Greek fans hold on until July 20th and Iron Maiden’s show at this year’s Rockwave Festival.
Aces High, Where Eagles Dare, 2 Minutes To Midnight, The Clansman, The Trooper, Revelations, For The Greater Good Of God, The Wicker Man, Sign Of The Cross, Flight Of Icarus, Fear Of The Dark, The Number Of The Beast, Iron Maiden  The Evil That Men Do, Hallowed By Thy Name, Run To The Hills