Screamer – Highway Of Heroes


Following the very good “Hell Machine” of 2017, an album in which Andreas Wikström took over as the singer and Fredrik Svensson Carlström as the bassist of the band, Screamer return with “Highway of Heroes”. The Swedes in their fourth piece of work, wave the flag of heavy metal with perseverance and stability, and aim for ultimate classic Metal fun.

Screamer’s approach does not hide surprises, the riffs embrace Priest, Accept, Maiden, the rhythm section is the pillar of their sound (the bass is literally embroidering), the solos are imaginative and melodic, the choruses anthemic and catchy. Wikström sings in a war / epic style (close to the immortal J.D. Kimball), and his high pitched parts are now a highlight. The album never lowers its speed level, and all of its songs are worth mentioning. The Accept like “Halo”, “Rider of Death” with guitar shreds of Jake E. Lee, the epitome of uplifting metal songwriting “Out of the dark”, are just some of an album that no classic metal fan should ignore.

Will it make Screamer bigger? Does “Highway of heroes” change Heavy Metal? The answers are no, which should not be recorded as discouraging, since the corresponding answer to the question of whether it will enrich your discography and offer you pure fucking Metal is a huge yes! After all, aren’t all of our heroes doing this since the birth of the genre? Screamer are riding on this Highway of heroes!