Seduce The Heaven – Field Of Dreams


“Seduce the Heaven” is quite a known band in the underground Greek scene. They have supported Epica in their latest concert in Greece and they have also participated in the Metal Female Voices fest in Belgium.

By now you should have deciphered that “Seduce the Heaven” is a female fronted band. But not the (stereo) typical kind of female fronted bands. They combine melodic death metal and power metal with quite a progressive approach.

The album starts really directly. A few seconds of intro and then the first song blasts and gives you the first taste of the band. The influences from the melodic death Swedish scene are more than obvious. The guitar riffs accompany the two vocalists perfectly. They are aggressive, speedy and heavy while the growls dominate the song, and they ornately transform to a more melodic sound while the female vocals take over.

Every song has a little guitar solo here and there and every member of the band has a chance to demonstrate their virtuosic ability. After the first few listens you get used to the switching between the loud, full and harsh vocals of mister Marios Mizo and the melodic and sweet vocals of Elina Laivera.

The songs are very well written and the choruses are very melodic and can easily stick to the mind of the listener. The title track is a really interesting composition with excellent guitar work and an excellent display of Mrs. Elina Laivera vocal abilities.  Highlight from the album is the song  “Helpless Mind” which has a mesmerizing break in the middle of the song with middle-eastern rhythms and a great guitar solo.

“Seduce the Heaven” will surely turn some heads with their debut album. Their first album is a really well produced work and if they have the hunger and the will to continue i’m sure that the audience will reward them.