Semblant – Lunar Manifesto


I have been following the Brazilians for over a year now and I have to say that I am truly impressed with their music as well as the way they work. I have repetitively written that what I am interested in new bands is for them to present new “ingredients” in their music and not try to manifest their influences in an attempt to “snatch” the audience of others, more successful ones. If I really had to (and maybe I should as they are still an unknown, to the wider audience, band) mention some similar in sound bands I would say that Semblant is a mixture of Lacuna Coil, Arch Enemy and Theatres De Vampires.

Semblant can give me all this. “Lunar Manifesto” is their second album which combines industrial and melodic metal. The extraordinary Mizuho Lin in vocals gives a rather personal touch to the music of Semblant playing with a variation of brutal as well as softer and clearer vocal combinations. As far as composition is concerned “Lunar Manifesto” is just superb. Eleven, full of dynamics, inspiration and personality  songs cannot possibly go unnoticed by someone who is keen on contemporary metal and has managed to keep an open mind.
“Lunar Manifesto” is a release that we should keep an eye on as it has many things to offer to the audience of the specific genre and please allow me to think of it as the surprise of the year so far!