PRESS RELEASE: We have the honor of announcing SEPTIC FLESH for the very first time in our festival as they will hit the stage on the 30th of June on the 2017 edition!

After a 26-year career, the band have released numerous great albums like: Esoptron, Ophidian Wheel, Sumerian Daemons, Communion, The Great Mass, Titan…

The endless passion for dark music is presented through their standard symphonic death metal sound, the distinctive roars, the unique guitar sound, the massive drumming and the experimental sound that oscillates between lyricism and roughness.

“The brave in heart can claim eternal life.
My scales of truth will need sufficient proof.”

Beware and join us in Chania Rock Festival 2017 !

Get the LIMITED early bird tickets (2 days festival ticket / 45€) on time here:

⦿ NO REMORSE (Athens)
⦿ SIRENS (Athens)
⦿ NEPHILIM (Thessaloniki)
⦿ ROUTE 66 (Heraklion)
⦿ CHAPLIN’S (Rethymno)
⦿ BEATNIK (Rethymno)
⦿ AVALON (Chania)