I really didn’t understand the fuss about Serpentine’s album in 2010. If you take aside the lucky break to include in their ranks the excellent singer Tony Mills (Shy, TNT) and 2-3 good songs, I didn’t find anything memorable or substantial to justify the overall raving reviews. Actually, I do believe that the same fans that praised so highly the record, now that the initial enthusiasm has vanished find it hard to slip the album in the c.d. player.
The same applies more or less for the new Serpentine record that bears this inspired title (that there is a pretty high chance to forget it in a couple of weeks). I must admit, though, that this one is a bit superior than its predecessor but again the point of interest is once again non other than Tony Mills…and I guess that says it all!

The fact is that there are far too many better hard rock albums than “Lying and Dying In High Definition” and the economic situation around the world is not the best of times in order to invest in mediocre albums…you know what I mean?

Highlight: With such song titles as τα “Philadelphia”, “Nuremberg” and “Where Do We Go From Here” , this could be a…sonic travel guide!