Seth – La Morsure Du Christ


Seth from France is a historical band in the field, since 1995 is mentioned as the year of their foundation and personally until now I had never heard their name. A name shared with other (active and inactive) bands. They first broke up in 2005, only to return again in 2011 and “La Morsure Du Christ” (translation: Christ’s Bite) is their seventh full-length album, for which fans have had to wait eight years since “The Howling Spirit” released in 2013.

Reading a bit about their new work, it seems to be a return to their roots and a continuation of their 1998 debut “Les Blessures De L ‘Âme”. Quite logical, as the played this album in its entirety two years ago and released it as an anniversary. It is also the second time since then, that they have used the French language entirely in the titles and lyrics.

The intention of the band for the musical attack that unleashes here can be seen from the cover, which shows the Notre Dame in flames. The black metal of Seth is devastating, without appetite to calm down. There are of course some mid-tempo moments, but almost overall the guys have the need for speed. They sometimes reminded me of their (sadly long disbanded) countrymen Anorexia Nervosa, but without the symphonic parts.

Non-stop blast beats, guitars with furious tremolo-picking riffs and a singer who can and does become quite expressive with his screams. A great job has been done in the guitar parts, as they also use beautiful melodies and riffs that show good technical knowledge and inspiration. The keyboards create a very nice atmosphere, which in places I would say becomes ritual.

Seven songs that last forty-five minutes are included in “La Morsure Du Christ” and without having knowledge of their past to compare it with older works, it really gives me a 90s black metal feeling despite a quite “clean” production. In the special edition we will find two more tracks of the album in symphonic versions without electricity as well as matches along with a bag of ashes. How much clearer to make it that they like to see churches burning? Black metal fans should check them out.