Shakra is a remarkable band for the global Rock scene… The Swiss are awesome and they can easily state that AFM holds many aces up their sleeve. This is a band with a terrific attitude, true to their cause and the new singer, John Prakesh, is the catapult for another barbaric Rock album… “B true B you” is introducing his skills. Fine, rough voice and it completely binds! Music is all over the voice, buttoned to the fullest and it surely seems like a move onwards, regarding quality and art. Songs are more Rockish, stronger, dirtier, guitars sound gigantic and the general impression is that of a Rock monster at large.  
“When I see you” is the single of the new album. Lighter, more loose, yummy guitars flirting with electro-acoustic sound and a melancholic chorus. Cool and bittersweet, the best recipe concerning airplay and radio invasion. The band’s Hard Rock face is then screaming, biting and warning. Beware cuz we ain’t gonna be soft! Songs like “Crazy” and same title track will run thru you, will drive you to fun music, will make you feel better! It’s blue-blooded style, it’s street baroque! Listen to “Unspoken truth” and you will fully comprehend!
Checked their website and they start off in April. Let’s hope that they won’t tour Switzerland only…