What’s going on in the vicinal Italy? After Frontiers, one more label that specializes in the melodic rock field makes its appearance with a bunch of some very promising and remarkable releases. The label is called Avenue of Allies and out from their c.ds that fell into my hands, I must say that “Under Silent Walls” by Shining Line was by far the best of them all! Searching online for more info regarding the band, I found out that Shining Line is the brainchild of two Italian musicians that gathered some well-known artists and the result was absolutely flawless!
Robin Beck, Michael Voss, Harry Hess, Bob Harris, Michael Bormann are only five names that appear on the album. Of special notice is the sensational ballad “Heat of the Night” where Robin Beck puts on a superb performance and reminds of her debut record of the late 80s. So, even with a delay (the record hit the stores last May), we got to know this band and we present it here on Rockpages…better late than never!
Highlight: “A Bombastic Record”…that was the note of my chief editor regarding the album…what a precise and accurate characterization!