After the very successful bands, Reckless Love and Santa Cruz, Finland introduce us to the young and wild hard rockers Shiraz Lane, who you might have heard about from when they toured with Santa Cruz, or for being a part of Frontiers melodic festival.

They started in 2011 and their new album, «Crying Out Loud» ,is their debut album with much more sufficiency about their identity and style in most of the tracks. While you are listening to the album, you will get immediately their music influences from music legends of the 80s such as Guns N Roses, Skid Row, Aerosmith and other big hair bands of that era.
The members of Shiraz Lane are in their early 20s, but they can write songs and play music better than many bands who are active for more than 30 years. I don’t really like to exaggerate but for me it’s necessary to reward them for what they succeeded these 5 years being active. Nowadays is hard to find bands that write really good music. So when you find an album that almost every song is well played and well sang ,then you start to feel that there is future in the music scene. The only reason that there are still happening hard rock festivals, is because of the old bands of the 80s who reunited or they released a new album after many years of absence. When all of these old rockers stop playing what will be the future of hard rock? I hope that Shiraz Lane will be one of these bands who will stay together for a while and ʺgrow bigʺ  with time. Just like H.E.A.T, Eclipse, Dynazty, Reckless Love and Hardcore Superstar did.

I won’t make any suggestions about which songs you should listen to because like I mentioned earlier, «Crying Out Loud» is a very good album on its whole! But I am pretty sure that you are going to rewind many times the songs “Wake Up”,” Mental Slavery” Behind the 8-Ball” and “For Crying Out Loud”.

So volume up and enjoy one amazing new band from Finland!
One last thing! When you reach to the end of the listening session you will feel the influence of Justin Hawkins (The Darkness) in the last song called “M.L.N.W” and I am sure the same will happen with the song “Begging for Mercy”. With other words, the singer of Shiraz Lane, Hannes Kett, is a frontman who can sing anything.