Siena Root – Revelation


It’s been almost twenty years from “A New Day Dawning”, an amazing debut album that blew me away and instantly I fell in love with this group from Sweden. I always had my eyes on them through the years and of course I was excited when I saw them live at Rodeo Club in Athens, unfortunately they played only for a handful of people that night but they didn’t seem to care, as much I did and when I asked them why they told me “what is important for us is to play our music” and that’s what these guys do until today, they release albums that you feel lucky to listen to.

Three years after “The Secret Of Our Time” album Siena Root are back with their eighth full length and everything seems so right. No, it’s not some kind of music revelation as is evoked by the album title, but this work carries everything the listener may ask from a good blues rock album and these are a good performance, compositions that have something to offer and some great melodies that may take you away.

This is actually pretty clear from the start, “Coincidence & Fate” is a composition when you notice the hammond melodies going hand in hand with the guitar riff and immediately it takes you back to the 1970s. These guys from Sweden are very skillful on this field of bringing to us the vintage sound but no, they are not part of the trend that bring to light numerous genre revivals, Siena Root were truly dedicated on this since day one and they became part of the music that really comes out naturally. At some moments they accelerate the tempo but in most cases they prefer mid-tempo tunes although I must admit they have sorted out the sequence pretty well so we can listen the album in a smooth way and not get tired at any moment. Although their eyes are turned towards the classic rock basics their style varies and changes from one track to other. Having said that there are times they take us to Wild West while at other times we are traveling to the East as the India spirit returns for one more album due to the extend use of sitar which they seem they have love for good while the flute also adds to these world elements. Last but not least I must highlight the impressive performance of Zubaida Solid who easily creates good impressions with her vocal style and by any means she is a crucial part of the band.