Silver Lake – Silver Lake

Ι gotta tell you… At first I was surprised, kinda… Style was a bit operatic and the narrating part… Sorta reminded me of songs the likes of “The poet and the pendulum”… Yet, this feeling lasted for a few seconds only. Then “Before the storm” stormed out, continued with a superchorus and it was all downhill from there.
It’s the debut album for the band from the wonderful city of Rimini in Italy. As I read the band used to be a cover group, doing, amongst others, Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation… As you can understand, in order to perform in such a level… It automatically means these musicians can play almost everything!
Exquisite guitar sound; all instruments sound crystal clear. Playing style is so cool and easy going, although several “tough” spots can be heard here and there. The voice is gigantic, surrounding, all around. Motif is going from Hard Rock to even AOR forms. Whilst listening to “Life”, I instantly thought of Magnum! Yes, these guys are that good! A frantic cover on “Slave to the grind” (originally by Skid Row) is up next… Such hi-tech musicians… It’s impressive. And then… The ballad “Holy Affinity”. Piano and keyboards and the voice… Classical education and hungry for Rock… Right on!