Got on line, checked the Silverdollar-relevant websites… Read some very interesting stuff. The Swedish started almost fifteen years ago, playing covers and releasing a cover album. When they wrote and played their own material they attracted some labels and got their first contract. Positive feedback followed and quite a few live shows and a worldwide deal with Massacre! Apparently, the thunderous band motif, featuring Power Metal outburst, Metal themes and tons of pounding is widely attractive and it’s only natural… When a band is galloping so elegantly, when vocals are so rough and epic, totally binding with guitar riffing…

“Evil good” is a regular bulldozer, with its supersonic intro and the savage chorus; listen to it and you’ll have the best view about the band, plus, you’ll have one more reason to request and listen to the rest of the songs. The main thing about this band is the way they work concerning their choruses. Yeah, I agree that their verses are really cool and the bridge parts are equally impressive, however, those choruses… they really rule the game. It’s that very specific melodic/epic element I mentioned before. It’s the very method the band is functioning; it’s also your ticket to experience an hour of fantastic music. Oh, and that boogie epilogue… Du-ude!