This band from Holland is new here and, usually, new bands, when releasing their debut, they try to present a modern sound and certain aggressiveness, in order to gain our attention. There are other elements as well, yet I’m stating the ones I can easily spot. I’m only referring to career bands, as I have stopped dealing with the others a long time ago.
I consider Sin7Sins as a band with potential. Their music style is sort of a nu metal gothic, a bit less Industrial, with rough female vocals, supported by some brutal male vocals at some point, whilst their sound is more American, sometimes reminding of Evanescence and even Rammstein.
“Perversion Ltd” is a good album in general and it’s giving us hope for the future. However, it lacks those songs that could play the “teaser” part, let’s call them “hits”. Sin7Sins have the ability to work on that field. The point is that they have a fine start, inside a music area that seems to be rather popular today.