Singer or guitarist? 5 really dysfunctional cases


The music history is full of clashes amongst the various band members. After all, it’s not an easy thing being together with a company of 4-5 people 24/7…especially when success knock on your door! The whole situation becomes even more erratic when nobody is willing to take one step back in this typical…war of who’s gonna rule the show. So, let’s remember once again 5 characteristic cases where the singer went head on with the band’s guitarist thus creating an explosive mixture but also some milestone records in between!

Ian Gillan Ritchie Blackmore

RITCHIE BLACKMORE vs IAN GILLAN: Surely one of the most well-documented cases of them all. If we take aside a five-year…honeymoon period (1969-72 & 1984-85), the relationship between these two legendary musicians was full of quarrels some of which were captured on film (most notably, the 1993 Birmingham show where Blackmore was evidently unsure –to put it mildly- if he’s gonna come out and play).


GEORGE LYNCH vs DON DOKKEN: A strong case where the turmoil gave us superb records that we cherish throughout the decades. All the reunions that followed were accomplished due to the ever compelling force of the mighty dollar. Nevertheless, the first one gave us one brilliant record (but also one that we would like to forget that ever existed).

Dio Vivian Campbell

VIVIAN CAMPBELL vs RONNIE JAMES DIO: The truth is that this rivalry came up front after many years since the heat was on between the two musicians. At least in such a heavy way. Vivian never forgave Ronnie for not handling the whole DIO thing as a regular band but more as a solo venture while the latter and his wife characterized Vivian as being insatiable and ungrateful. Things smoothed a little bit as Ronnie’s health deteriorated…

Neal Schon Steve Perry

NEAL SCHON vs STEVE PERRY: This might not be a case of open clash or chaos but more of a bitter taste and frustration especially from Schon’s side. The thing is that things went out of control when Perry exited the band after the 1996 reunion; truth be told here that he didn’t communicate the whole thing quite appropriately thus creating a rather frustrating situation. Things, however, seemed to be looser when the two Journey members met at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. We wouldn’t hold our breath for another reunion, though…

David Coverdale John Sykes

JOHN SYKES vs DAVID COVERDALE: These guys are an exemplar “alpha male” case…period! On one hand we have David Coverdale, the undisputed Whitesnake leader and on the other one we have one of the greatest rock guitarists that helped immensely in creating one milestone record (we are talking of course about the mighty “1987”). Coverdale has stated recently that he might not be friends with Sykes by the still admires and respects his talent…it seems that Sykes remains adamant.