Sinner – Santa Muerte


There will always be outstanding artists whom I will always respect and admire due to their sheer working attitude. Mat Sinner is definitely such an artist as he remains one of the most prolific musicians of the last 4 decades. Yes, it’s true that his records are not of a groundbreaking nature –I am pretty certain that Sinner himself never wanted that- but there is a unique quality in them that cannot pass unnoticed. So we are again in the ever revolving circle of releases between Primal Fear and Sinner and 2019 was the Year of the Cat…uhh…the Year of Sinner! “Santa Muerte” once again delivered the goods with a breath of much needed refreshing air for hard rock.

If you are in the lookout for new sounds and trends, well look somewhere else. Sinner is like the good old wine, they get better and better as time passes by. This time around had an exra ace in his deck as he recruited a young female Italian singer called Giorgia Colleluori to handle the lead vocals duties with him. Together on this ride he called two well-known guests: Ronnie Romero and Ricky Warwick participate on two songs thus the whole result becomes even more tempting.

From a pure musical stand, “Santa Muerte” is really once again a tribute to Sinner’s much beloved Thin Lizzy! This is something that he is been doing quite successfully for many years now with Sinner. Dennis Ward is doing a tremendous job as a producer and the energy and outstanding performance of the band really shines through the speakers. “Santa Muerte” is one of the hard rock highlights of 2019…check it out!

Highlight: Giorgia Colleluori is a vocal teacher in Italy.