Sinner Touch Of Sin 2

I won’t underestimate or put down Mat Sinner’s longtime career as he has delivered some very remarkable albums (especially in the early days) but this release is nevertheless a non-essential one (to say the least). This is basically a bunch of re-recording tracks that however well-crafted they might be (which is not the case here) it is not what the fans expect from Sinner, that is new music. In “Touch of Sin 2” we are treated with only 3 brand new recordings (“Blood On The Sand”, “Heart Of The City” and a really cool rendition of the Thin Lizzy classic “Don’t Believe A Word”).

Apart from these three new songs, I must say that I didn’t find anything else interesting on “Touch of Sin 2”. There are some good songs in there but we kinda got fed up with the latest trend of re-recording or recycling old songs.
Having said that, this is an album aimed towards the hardcore fans of the otherwise brilliant artsit, Mat Sinner.